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World 4 Chief Joint Instructors of KSI

Shihan Eddie Daniels 9th Dan
(KSI Joint World Chief Instructor)

        Shihan Eddie Daniels started training Karate in 1965 and was a member of the All-styles British Squad from 1970 to 1975.
In 1968 having trained in first Shotokan then Wado Ryu, Shihan Daniels changed style to Shukokai and trained under Master Kimura until Master Kimura's untimely death in 1995. 
             Shihan Daniels is one of the most experienced instructors of any style in Great Britain.  


             Even though he has achieved a great deal in the competition field, his main emphasis is on teaching the true Martial Art, where self-discipline, etiquette and respect are of prime importance.  Without these aspects a student cannot develop the type of character necessary to follow the way of the Martial Arts.

               Shihan Daniels is one of the four World Chief Instructors for Kimura Shukokai International.


               In addition to teaching in Great Britain Sensei Daniels also visits other countries to teach. Shihan Daniels is Master Kimura's most Senior European Instructor.


          In 1999 Shihan Daniels was awarded a Special Award from Combat Magazine, for his outstanding Contribution towards the development of Martial Arts in the United Kingdom and the World.

Shihan Chris Thompson 9th Dan
(KSI Joint World Chief Instructor)

            Beginning Karate in the mid 60's Chris Thompson graduated in Kyokushinkai and then studied Okinawan Goju Ryu under Master Morio Higaonna and by 1973 had attained Nidan (2nd DAN Black Belt) in both of these two styles.


             Initial training with Master Shigeru Kimura was in 1971 in Johannesburg for a period of 3 months where he trained for this period with a broken foot. "Kimura Sensei's depth of understanding together with his technique for maximum speed and impact as well as his passion and personality convinced me that he was the teacher I would follow".


           Full time training in Karate from 1971 enabled Chris Thompson to attain a Sandan (3rd DAN Black Belt) from Master Kimura during a 3 month training period in America in 1974.

           "I started my first karate school in 1986, I was living in the school with a sleeping bag on a narrow changing room bench with virtually no worldly possessions. Yet on reflection that was a wonderful time.

           A tournament career of over 16 years of success in both Kumite and Kata included being undefeated in individual Kata in South Africa and the special award of "Best Contestant" in 1981 at the World Kimura Shukokai Championships in the USA. Other highlights included the "Best Fighter" award at the East Coast Open Karate championships in the USA together with Master Kimura.

             A favourite memory of karate competition was winning the South African all-styles championship team event. Chris Thompson captained and trained that team and all of it's members except one were from his Dojo. This team won the final against a virtually total Springbok team. He represented South Africa on many occasions. "To be part of the Springbok team was always important to me and to be together with other fighters in these teams whom I respected".

              In May 1990 he was awarded the Master grade of Shihan in Japan from Chojiro Tani-Soke (founder and grand master of Shukokai) Chris Thompson is now a 8th Dan. "To be part of the continued growth of this style and technique founded by Master Kimura is a privilege and a pleasure. I believe our great teacher Master Kimura would be pleased and proud of the way his world wide family are growing in knowledge, understanding, character and technique".

Shihan Lionel Marinus 9th Dan
(KSI Joint World Chief Instructor)

          Shihan Lionel started his career in Karate during 1965, and received the grade of Shodan in 1967.  During 1969 he received Natal colours and participated in the SA Games placing second, and thus being selected for the South African Springbok team to compete against Britain.


               During October of 1969 Shihan Lionel captained the South African Shukokai Team at the World Championships in Paris. South Africa placed second losing to Japan. Shihan Lionel placed second in the individuals.  In the 1971 SA Games he captained the Natal team which placed second losing to Southern Transvaal.  1972 saw Shihan Lionel again being chosen to represent South Africa at the World Championships in Paris.

             He left for New York in 1973 for a year’s intensive study with Sensei Kimura, returning at the end of the year to run the Shukokai South African Headquarters in Johannesburg.  During 1974 he was graded to 4th Dan by Sensei Kimura, as well as being appointed as Chief Instructor for Shukokai South Africa.  Shihan Lionel graded to 5th Dan during Sensei Kimura’s visit in 1979.  Shihan Lionel left to study as a Chiropractor in the UK between 1980 and 1984 returning to South Africa yearly to host his courses and gradings. 

              Early in 1987 Shihan Lionel was graded to 6th Dan and then 7th Dan during 1996. 8th Dan status was awarded during 2006.  Shihan Lionel currently instructs regularly in Southern Africa as well as in Australia and Europe.

Shihan Bill Bressaw 9th Dan
(KSI Joint World Chief Instructor)

              Shihan Bressaw is the Chief Instructor of the American Shukokai Karate Union, and one of the 4 chief instructors of Kimura  Shukokai International. He is ranked 8th Dan in Shukokai and has been teaching karate for over 43 years (since 1966).

              Shihan Bill attained the rank of 3rd Dan in an Okinawan style of Karate by the time he met and started training with Sensei Kimura in January of 1971. By August of 1971 he was officially recognized as a 3rd Dan in Shukokai Karate by Sensei Kimura.

            He has been teaching steadily in his Fords, NJ Dojo for more than 25 years, in another dojo in Edison NJ on Tingley Lane. He has participated in and won tournaments in the United States, Europe, and Japan.

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