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Kimura Shukokai Karate - International

               Soke Kimura laid the foundation for what was to become Kimura Shukokai International during his lifetime until his death at the age of 54 in 1995. In March of 1996, after his passing , the Chief Instructors of the countries where Sensei Kimura taught (USA, England, South Africa, Finland, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Botswana, and Zimbabwe) banded together to form Kimura Shukokai International (KSI). 


         They determined that this organization would be led by Kimura Soke’s four most senior students;  Sensei Lionel Marinus and Sensei Chris Thompson of South Africa: Sensei Eddie Daniels of the United Kingdom: and Sensei Bill Bressaw of the United States, all 7th Dans at the time, with approximately 35 years of experience each.


All Four KSI World Chief Instructors with Soke Kimura Black Belt  in Frame

            The responsibility of Kimura Shukokai International is the perpetuation of Kimura Shukokai Karate throughout the world. The Chief Instructors of the participating countries meet every year to participate in the World Chief Instructors’ Course, once every two years at the KSI World Championships, and at the European Championships occurring on alternate years, to further strengthen the unity of KSI. Additionally, each country invites one of the 8th Dans to conduct training sessions on advanced technique once a year on a rotating basis. KSI is dedicated to understanding the teachings of Kimura Soke and to continue in the direction he was headed, on a constant quest to attain yet a higher level of speed and strength. 


            The maintenance of quality, a deep understanding of Bushido and its etiquette, a lifetime of dedication to perfection of his technique, and a commitment to Sensei Kimura's philosophy that it will take seven lifetimes to understand his teachings are the core of KSI’s mission. 

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