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Grand Master Chojiro Tani

             Master Chojiro Tani (1921-1998) started with Karate in Kyoto and first trained Goju-Ryu with Master Miyagi. After the graduation to the 2nd Dan, he moved to Shito-Ryu and trained at Sensei Mabuni. After the death of Sensei Mabuni in 1952, there was no organization that would keep his students together, and they divided into different groups.

             Master Tani, one of Sensei Mabuni's highly-graded students, opened his own Dojo in Kobe (Japan). He called it "The Shukokai", which means something like: meeting people and training together under one roof. The dojo also gave its name to the style: Shukokai. Master Tani encouraged his highly-graded students to develop their own ideas and, in particular, two of them, Master Fujiwara and Master Kimura, developed the now-known Shukokai style.


Master Kimura with Respected Grand Master Soke Chojiro Tani
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